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Pony Bead Word Bracelets in Mixed Colors

$ 5.00



The Pony Bead Word Bracelets are now in mixed colors! Choose your favorite mix and customize them with your Name, your Motto, or anything that makes you feel Happy. They are made with bright colors and strong elastic so you can easily slip them on and off.

Mix Colors are:

Fun Day: blue, green, white

Festival: bright pink, light pink, yellow, blue, orange, aqua

Rave: dark purple, purple, white

Beachy: yellow, orange, aqua

Love: rainbow 

Blessed: bright pink, light pink, white

July 4th: red, white, blue

Tropics: yellow, lime,orange

Skater: black, white


  • Choose words, color mix, and your size
  • Handmade in Florida
  • Will Ship in 2-3 Business Days

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